Name Description Price
Galaxie Grilled Chicken Chicken fillet marinated in a combination of mild and flavour spices 45K
K-2SOw Grilled Chicken Chicken fillet marinated in a combination of mild and flavorful spices topped with mozarella cheese 50K
Royale Guard Steak Deep fried chicken fillet marinated in a combination of mild and flavorful spices 50K
Bleu Guard Steak It’ll turn your stomach growl into a whimper, breaded chicken breast stuffed with smoked beef and cheese 70K
Dark Vador Steak Melt in your mouth tenderly! Available in standart/premium quality 70K/150k
Dark Maol Steak Lovely sirloin steak, light seasoned with salt and pepper.. Available in standart and premium quality 65K/100K
Jedie Steak Beef tongue with crispy mushroom, served with veggies and french fries 65K
Dead Star Wrapped enoki mushroom and mozzarella cheese in premium beef slice 75K
Han Dory Deep fried dory fillet with tartar sauce, everyone’s favourite! 60K
Return of the Dory Grill dory fillet with tartar sauce 60K


Name Description Price
Leiah Bornara Spaghetti served with rich and creamy carbonara sauce 37K
Dark Sydious An all time delicious favourite, minced beef sauce with spaghetti 37K
Chewbaghetti Try our chef’s creation, spaghetti with rendang sauce 40K


Name Description Price
Corn Troupers Creamy corn soup with light saber stick 20K
Chicken Troupers Creamy chicken soup with light saber stick 23K
Mushroom Troupers Creamy mushroom soup with light saber stick 20K


Name Description Price
Ewokrella Wrapped mozzarella cheese served with tartar sauce 26K
Grummgarpop Bite size pieces of chicken breast fillet cooked in our delicious crunchy coating 28K
Fin fries A must have snack! 22K
Landow Bag Crispy golden bag filled with marinated ground shrimp and chicken 30K
Damerown Fries Fin fries topped with minced beef sauce 30K
Tarkinn Bomb Deep fried sausage and fin fries 30K
Cheesywalker Cheesylicious macaroni and sausages 35K
Baby-8 Savoury mashed potato, sausages, egg, and cheese 38K
Greedow Chicken stick, onion ring, chicken wings, ewokrella, grummgarpop 80K
Obie wan cornobi Milky sweet corn with cheddar cheese 20K
Milleniyem falcorn Milky sweet corn with mozzarella cheese 25K
Calliska Mix of dumpling and chicken prawn cake with sweet and sour sauce 35K


Name Description Price
Lukesadilla Stuffed quesadilla with minced beef and mozzarella cheese 28K
Reysadilla Stuffed quesadilla with chocolate spread, marshmallow and ice cream 28K


Name Description Price
Ah-soka wrap Bite sized marinated chicken teriyaki sauce burrito 28K
Luminarra wrap Bite sized crunchy chicken burrito 28K
Sabinne wrap Marinated beef slice with teriyaki sauce burrito 30K


Name Description Price
Emperor Palpariyaki Delicious Japanese chicken teriyaki, sunnyside egg and rice 33K
Rebelliyon Veggie fried rice, crackers, bite sized crunchy chicken, seafood bag and sunnyside egg 35K
Boba katsu Deep fried savoury chicken breaded, sunnyside egg and rice 40K

Hot Side/Cold Side

Name Description Price
Dark Thi 12K
Lee Mont Thi 18K
Menna Kisa Thi 15K
Lei Cih Thi 18K
Pietts Thi 23K
Motti Berry Thi 18K
Karlis Thi 20K
Morallow Whatter 8K
Offee 18K
Letta 20K
May Loo 16K

Empire Tea

Name Description Price
Queen Tea 18K
Passel Mint Thi 18K
Mon Moth Mil Thi 18K


Name Description Price
Loke Saber Things go better with Coke 14K
Sunsprider Lemon lime soda 14K
Squashken Flavored syrup with sparkling soda (lychee/lemon/strawberry/honeydew) 22K
Jar Jar Blinks Cocopandan syrup, milk, and sparkling soda 25K
Nabiotic Flavored syrup with sparkling soda and probiotic drink (cocopandan/lychee) 25K

Jangou Juice

Name Description Price
Sobecksop 20K
Guavyn 20K
Hevydurd 20K
Sachee 24K
Tessek 25K
Almecado 26K
Minna Bonterry 24K
Wing fighter Veggie, lemon, and pineapple 29K
Starfighter Strawberry and banana 29K


Name Description Price
Kamilo Kids favourite, milo blended with fresh milk, topped with ice cream 28K
Oreonosis Are you oreolover? You should try this one 28K
Tarooine Taro blended with oreo, our tinged naturally purple drink! 38K
Caramel City Caramel blend, topped with ice cream 35K
Podruccino It’s a flavor collision of coffee and caramel 35K
Imperial milkshake ce cream flavor blended with fresh milk. Available flavor: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry 32K
Kantina Our premium light smoothies are positively delicious! (mango/strawberry/matcha) 30K


Name Description Price
Snow scoopers 2 scoops of ice cream, fruit loops, almond, and pocky 25K
Soup Gererrah Flavor pudding, pearl, coconut jelly, flavor drink and ice cream 28K